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The 5 Most Powerful Ways To Quit Smoking Forever

If you’re a smoker and you’ve finally gotten tired of always being out of breath, smelling bad, broke from buying cigarettes, being an outcast everywhere you go, looking in the mirror and seeing in all those wrinkles, then maybe it’s time to finally quit smoking for good. There are quite a number of different quit smoking programs that many people have tried, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. Let’s take a look at several different ways, some of which can be combined with other ways to improve their success ratio.


One fairly new and innovative way to quit smoking is the use of laser acupuncture. Although it’s been around since 1989 you may not have heard of it until just lately, it is growing in popularity because it has a fairly decent success ratio. Also, the laser process has been fine tuned, as the technology has become more advanced, thus making it more successful than in the past. The theory with acupuncture in general, and laser acupuncture as well, is that by getting key points along the meridian of your body it has a unique effect on the central nervous system that causes it to release chemicals into the brain to make a lasting change in your neural connections. Even though laser acupuncture by itself has about a 10 to 15% level of success, many people report that by combining it with other techniques they feel better and less stressed while enjoying an overall higher level of success.

Another all-natural method that has been used for hundreds of years in different medical procedures is hypnotherapy, which works by altering the mind state of the subconscious to reinforce your commitment to stop smoking. A lot of the smoking addiction involves certain habits unrelated to the cigarette smoke, but involving the holding of the cigarette, the inhalation of the smoke, the exhalation of the smoke, and the tapping of the ashes from the end of the lit cigarette. All of these little habits combine together to create one large addiction in addition to the nicotine that is involved with smoke. Hypnosis can help break all of the mental connections in the brain that are tied to these numerous habits thereby making quitting smoking easier. And, as with acupuncture, hypnosis can be combined with one or more of the other techniques to help increase the odds of being successful.


One of the most popular quit smoking methods of late has been the electronic cigarette, sometimes called eCigs. The beauty of electronic cigarettes is that you’re still able to satisfy all of your habits involving lighting, inhaling, exhaling, and the smoke in your mouth, while gradually reducing the nicotine content as you go. While eCigs do contain nicotine, they do not contain about 1000 other harmful ingredients that are included with cigarettes. And, the absolute most addicting part of cigarettes is the nicotine, which can be adjusted lower incrementally on whatever schedule you prefer.


One of the oldest ways to quit smoking, since around 1980, has been the nicotine patch which was designed to satisfy the addiction to nicotine while breaking all of your small habits involved with the process of smoking. Originally the patch could only be had through a physician’s prescription but is now available over-the-counter at your local pharmacy. The nicotine patch has been an excellent addition to hypnotism, acupuncture, and counseling to add yet another dimension to increase your success rate in quitting smoking.


Finally, joining a stop smoking support group and attending counseling have proved to be an excellent addition to all of the other methods mentioned above. It has been proven that the more support an individual has, the more likely they are to be successful in their long term goal of quitting.