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How Electronic Cigarettes Work

If you are thinking of using electronic cigarettes it is important that you know how these devices work. When you look at the ways that the electronic cigarettes work you need to know about the different components of the electronic cigarettes. Once you know about the different components you need to know how they work together and what this will mean for you.

The Components of the Electronic Cigarettes

The components of the electronic cigarettes are the parts that make up the device that you are going to use. The parts that you need to know about are the battery, the atomizer and the cartridge. There are a number of variations with these components that you need to know about.

All of the components in the electronic cigarette are important and the battery is no different. There are two batteries that you can get for the device and they are the long and short. The long battery will have a longer life, but this often comes with a heavier weight and you need to consider this.

The next component that you need to look at is the atomizer. This component is important because it affects the entire working of the device. The atomizer is a heating coil that makes the vapor that you inhale and needs to work correctly.

The last component that you need to know about is the cartridge. You will be able to get pre-filled cartridges and ones that you will need to fill yourself. The pre-filled cartridge is the one that is better suited to those who are new to electronic cigarettes as they are considered to be easier to use.

There are many electronic cigarettes that do not have separate cartridges and atomizers. These devices are becoming more popular and will have a cartomizer. The cartomizer is a combination of the cartridge and the atomizer which are often pre-filled and disposable.

How the Electronic Cigarettes Work

Once you know about all the components in your electronic cigarette you will be able to determine how it works. All electronic cigarettes work in a similar manner. This means that the overall manner is the same regardless of the differences in the components that they have.

The process that the electronic cigarettes go through will start with the battery. The battery is activated in two ways depending on the type that you have. The manual battery will start the process after you engage it while the automatic battery starts the process when you take the first drag on the mouthpiece.

Once the battery has been activated it will power up the atomizer. The atomizer will heat up and this heat will vaporize the eliquid that is stored in the cartridge. The atomizer will continue to work until it becomes too clogged or the disposable cartridge is empty.

The vapor that is created by the atomizer will then travel up the mouthpiece. This is what you are going to inhale instead of the smoke of the traditional cigarette.

The Cigarette Design

It is possible to tell which variation you are going to be getting when you look at the design of the device. Devices that have a three piece design will have each component and they will be replaced individually. The two part design will have a combined cartridge and atomizer which makes them easier to use for most people.

Before you use an electronic cigarette you need to know about the process that the devices use. This affects the way that you are going to be able to use the device and the level of experience that you need to use it. You should also know about the different components to understand what you are going to have to maintain with the device.

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